Secondary Client - File Transfer Operation

The actual file transfer system utilised by WinMX clients can be split into some important areas of operation, each area has its own complexities and structure and so I have divided some of the filesharing information into smaller and I hope more helpful chapters covering each area.

The main three chapters are the actual transfer method, the management/que/error handling section and finally of most help to developers the internal status flag mechanisms that join the other two chapters together, the rather easier area of searching and query result handling completes the entire Secondary filesharing side of WinMX.

Chapter One - "Secondary Client - File Transport Mechanism"

Chapter Two -"Secondary Client - File Transfer Management Operation"

Chapter Three - "Secondary Client - File Transfer Status Flags"

Chapter Four - "Secondary Client - Query Origination And File Request Operation"

I hope you find these chapters helpful and informative and I wish to thank Valor and Eagle for feedback and helpful advice during the making of these guides.

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