Seans Mato - Dot Net Install

Some of you may have to add some additional files from Microsoft to be able to use Seans Dot Net based Mato client so this is a small Guide to walk you through this. Thankfully Seans made this all pretty easy but you will have to click on a few buttons to allow for the updates to be installed properly.

Please Note you will be asked to reboot your machine following the installtion of these updates so ensure you save any open work files.

First of all you will see this MS installer update message appear

The .Net Package update follow next..

Once you have pressed this one you will be asked to allow the installer to grab the updates from Microsoft so if you have a firewall now is the time to be ready to click the "Allow" button.

The updates will now be downloading and you'll soon be ready to start Mato up !!

Ok now save any open files or important work and reboot.

Once you have rebooted the Mato setup file will restart itself and continue on with the installation of a further .Net component (.Net Framework Client Profile), if you do not have at least XP service pack 3 this install will fail.

If you need XP service pack 3 you can download it from here or via the normal automatic updates mechanism if you turn it back on.

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