How To Configure The Zonet zsr0104f For WinMX

Below you will find step by step instructions for forwarding ports on a Zonet zsr0104f model router.

The first step is to get information about the ports WinMX uses.  
Go to Settings > Internet Connections > Incoming TCP.

In the above picture the first option is ticked, 'Listen On Port... 6699'.  Be sure yours is also ticked at this time.

Now go to Settings > Internet Connections > IN/OUT UDP.

In the above picture the first option is ticked, 'Send and Receive UDP on port..6257'.  Be sure yours is also ticked at this time.

Keep in mind that you can use different port numbers here, or change them later.  Any number that's not being used by another program could possibly work however, if you change these numbers you will also need to change them in your router.  Its recommended that you only change these numbers if there is a valid reason to use non standard ports, such as ISP shaping, filtering or more then one computer on your home network using WinMX at the same time.  For now keep them at default.

Routers are made to allow more then one computer to access the internet at the same time, for this reason they have to assign Internal IP numbers to each computer.  Even if your only using one computer at this time the router will select a Internal IP number that tells it what machine your forwarded ports will be for.  

To get this number you need to do the following:
Go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Command/MSDos prompt, in the box type in ipconfig for getting the Internal IP only, or ipconfig /all to get the Internal IP and the Gateway IP.

Note the Gateway address and the Default IP Address are depicted above.  They are similar numbers.  For our purposes we will only need to write down the Default IP Address noted in red above.  
This number may be exact or slightly different on various machines, the above is just for example.  Be sure to carry out the instructions to obtain Your Default IP Address.

NOTE: For these instructions we already have the 'Gateway Address' as given to us by the manual  A Gateway Address is the address you use to access your router via the Internet Browser. Its NOT going to be used when actually setting the rules in the router itself.

Now that you have all your information written down, we are ready to access the router and set up the new rules for port forwarding.

You access your router's configuration pages by typing your Default Gateway Address into your internet browser window in the address area and click the 'Go' button.  The Gateway Address for the Zonet zsr0104f is enter it now.

You will then get a pop up box prompting you for a login as shown below.

The default user name is 'admin'.
The default password is 'admin'.

You will now get a box titled 'Basic Set Up'.  From the menu on the left select 'Virtual Server'.

Now you will get a box titled 'Virtual Server'.

In this box you will see the 'Select'. From the drop down box choose 'Manual Setting'
Now enter your Internal IP Address or Default IP Address you wrote down earlier, note only the last three digits need to be entered.  
In the 'Port Range' area enter the TCP port 6699 in both port fields.  
Now choose 'TCP' from the Protocol drop down menu.  

Follow the same directions for the next line down for the UDP port of 6257.

NOTE: 1 If you choose different ports for your WinMX Settings, please be sure to add those in the appropriate slots in place of the ones listed above.

NOTE: 2 If your using this guide to forward a port for a Chat Server such as WCS, FXServer or Ouka please forward the port number shown in your Chat Server Configuration file for TCP protocol.  Chat Servers dont require a UDP port, these can be added on the next line down.

Once your rules look like those in our example you can click the 'Apply' button, and that's it.  You now should be able to maintain a primary connection with full room lists, search functions, and maintain secondary connection (S=10).

If you find any problems with this page, or are still having problems with your primary connection please visit the forum and post any  questions you have here:
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