How To Configure The Thomson Speed Touch 580 For WinMX

Below is a step by step guide to configure your Thomson ST 580 router to allow WinMX.  Before you begin you will need to know your computer's Internal IP and the ports that your using for your WinMX.  You can get instructions on how to find this info here:
Router Help

First you will need to access the router. This is done by typing in your gateway address.  The Thomson SpeedTouch 580 gateway address is, type this into your internet browser address bar and click the Go button.
If you have upgraded the firmware recently from 4.2.7 to the Gateway address is will have changed to
Note: Keep in mind this also means the Internal IP or IP for the machine you want to make the rules apply to will also have changed, please make sure you find the correct address by doing the following.
Start > Run > type 'cmd' then in the black DOS box type 'ipconfig' to get your Internal IP.

Once you have done this you should see a box prompting you for a user name and password to login and gain access to the router. The user name and password are blank by default.

User name:

Click OK
Some users may have set passwords up during the initial installation of this router.  If the above login information doesnt work try these:

User Name:
Password: Serial number of the Router, located on the back usually.

User Name:
Password: Isp login Password

User Name: ISP Login User Name
Password: ISP Login Password

Once you have gained access to the router you should see the following screen.

Click the Advanced option on the left side, shown above with a red arrow.

Now you should see the NAPT - Network Address Port Translation screen.  Here click on the New Option, shown above with the red arrow.

Now you can begin adding your information about the ports WinMX needs and the Internal IP address of the machine your rules will apply to.
By default WinMX uses TCP port 6699, keep in mind that any port between 80 and 65535 can be used as long as you make sure that you have it identical in your router, firewall, and WinMX settings.
Once you have entered the information as shown about click the Apply button to save this rule.

Now you must follow the same steps as above to add the UDP port that WinMX uses.  Again any number is ok as long as its different from the one you choose for the TCP, by default WinMX uses port 6257 for UDP.

Most of these changes shouldn't require a reboot of your system, however if you made any port changes to WinMX it will require you to restart WinMX.  I myself usually advise with any major changes in ports to go ahead and reboot the computer once all the changes have been made.

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