RCMS - WinMX Chatroom  Plugin - How to And Help Guide Tutorial

RCMS is short for "Remote Command Management System" and has been around a long while on the WinMX network, being one of the early ways to add functionality and extra features not available with plain WinMX, to the chat room section.

Please Note: that this system will not work on older Windows versions such as 98 or ME etc and can only be used by those capable of operating as WinMX primaries (Cable, DSL. T1, T3) due to the extra bandwidth required for hosting.

The current version of RCMS can be obtained from the authors home site HERE.
Older versions can be obtained from the site archive Here.

Getting Started

Once you have downloaded a copy of the file it will need to be opened and the correct version selected for your language and O/S (operating system),

this then will need to be placed into your WinMX folder in Program Files like so.


You will now be able to test the basic system by restarting WinMX and clicking on the "host room" option on the chatroom screen.

If all is successfully installed you will see this screen instead of the plain WinMX screen.

If you look at the task bar you will notice that a second WinMX icon is visible, this is the management console where the host can monitor the room.

If you cannot see this screen then please recheck that you have installed the correct two dll file's into the folder containing winmx.exe and retry, also note you may experience problems if you have your bandwidth throttled in WinMX "Settings" we advise RCMS users to untick both boxes.

If the screens above are displayed ok we are now ready to move on to the next stage of using the RCMS plugin.

The RCMS system is divided down into three layers of functionality with the host being at the top of the heap and below him an "Admin" who has limited power to help the host control the room and below that the normal "User".

If you look at the commands in the following lists you will notice that they all fall into one of the three catagories of chatroom user
(Host, Admin, User), ordinary users cannot issue "AdminCmd"'s and some commands are reserved soley for the host.

Frequently used RCMS Commands
These Commands are the ones you will be using mostly and are the ones you will need to learn before moving on to some of the other more complicated ones.

Host Commands

/ban              -   This command is used to ban a user from the chatroom but will not eject them first.(/ban joe_soap_123_4365)
/clear              - This command is used to clear a chatroom and removes all users.
/clearbans         -  This command is used to clear all banned users from the ban list
/kick              -  This command is used for removing a user from the chatroom. .(/kick joe_soap_123_4365)
/kickban           -  This command is used to kick and also then ban a user.
/limit             -  This command sets the limit to the amount of users allowed in the chatroom (Example:  /limit 20 )
/listbans          -  This prints a list in the chatroom of banned usernames/ IP addresses.
/motd              -  This command prints the "Message of the day" in the chatroom
/me                -  This is a commonly used command to generate purple  "action text" (Example: /me sings )
/redirect          -  This command redirects the entire room to the room specified previously in /set redirect
/setmotd           -  This command sets the "Message of the day" (room entry message)
/topic             -  This command sets the topic of the room as shown at the top of the room and on the channel listing.
/unban             -  This command is used to unban a user (Example:  /unban joe soap_123_45826 )

#AdminCmd Loadsetting - This command will reload the RCMS config file to allow changes without having to restart WinMX.

Operating From The Management Console Window

The management window is only available to the host and gives a few options for ensuring the smooth running of the chatroom.

To view the options you can select a user and right click once the line is highlighted.


You may notice most of the commands are shown above but there are some new options on the menu.

ClearGhost   - This function is for use when a user has left the room but is still shown on the userlist, it can be a reason for a guest being unable to re-enter a room for some minutes until the ghost "drops"/leaves also.

UserInfo  - Selecting this option displays statistics such as message count and other stats for this user in the chat room.
PrintIP      - This will cause the IP address of the selected user to be displayed in the chat room
AddAdmin     - This setting is for turning an ordinary user into an "Admin" who is able to help moderate the room or kick unruly elements.
RemoveAdmin - This setting is for returning an "Admin" user back into an ordinary user.
PrivateMessage- This function is for sending a message to a user without anyone else seeing it.

RCMS Commands
Most RCMS commands are available from the text input window using a "scroll" wheel mouse, here is a list and description of each function and the syntax used.

01 #Usercmd Redirect - This is a command for redirecting a user. (Used after setting #UserCmd SetRedirectRoom, #Usercmd Redirect joe_soap_123_12345 )
02  #Admincmd AddAdmin - This command is for turning a normal user into an admin (#AdminCmd AddAdmin joe_soap_123_12345)
03  #AdminCmd RemoveAdmin - This command is for removing an admin. (#AdminCmd RemoveAdmin joe_soap_123_12345)
04  #UserCmd PrintChatStat - This command is for listing on screen all the chat statistics.
05  #Usercmd PrintWriteRanking - This command displays messages /hour time statistics.
06  #Usercmd PrintRawWriteRanking - This command displays message/stay time statistics.
07  #Usercmd PrintTimeRanking - This command displays The time ranking of the guests.
08  #Usercmd PrintRomRanking - This command displays the "Lurker" ranking of the guests.
09  #Admincmd PrintIP - This command prints the IP of the specified user.  (#AdminCmd PrintIP joe_soap_123_12345).
10  #Admincmd SetInputWnd
11  #Admincmd EnableUserCmd - This allows the use of commands prefixed #UserCmd.
12  #Admincmd DisableUserCmd - This disallows the use of any commands starting with #UserCmd.
13  #Admincmd HideIDOn - This command hides the numbers after a users name.
14  #Admincmd HideIDOff - This command allows you to see the numbers after a users name.
15  #UserCmd WelcomeMsgOn - This command allows the use of the welcome message.
16  #UserCmd WelcomeMsgOff - This command turns off the welcome message.
17  #UserCmd SetWelcomeMsg - This command is for setting the welcome message. (#UserCmd SetWelcomeMsg This is a test, hello host !!! )
18  #Admincmd ShowNickChangeOn - This command is for showing any user name changes that occur.
19  #Admincmd ShowNickChangeOff - This command allows for invisible user name changing.
20  #Admincmd ResetChatStat - This Resets the chat room statistics
21  #Admincmd ClearAdmin - This command removes all the admins.
22  #Admincmd NoShareBlockOn - Setting this will result in no entry for 0 file sharers.
23  #Admincmd NoShareBlockOff - This allows everyone to enter regardless of amount of files shared.
24  #Admincmd AutoRomBlockOn - This is more commonly known as the "Lurker block" on.
25  #Admincmd AutoRomBlockOff - This turns off the "Lurker block".
26  #Admincmd SetRomBlockTime - This is the time setting in minutes before the "Lurker block" kicks guests from the room.
27  #Admincmd TraderBlockOn - This command Blocks names with certain words or characters from entering the room. (Blocked word list is in RCMSConf.txt)
28  #Admincmd TraderBlockOff - This disables 29 #AdminCmd TraderBlockOn (And is the normal setting for most rooms.)
29  #Admincmd HideCommandOn - This hides admin commands from users.
30  #Admincmd HideCommandOff - Admin commands are now made visible.
31  #Usercmd PrintUserStat - This command prints the statistics for the specified user.
32  #Usercmd SetRedirectRoom - This option allows you to set the redirect room.
33  #Usercmd PrintRedirectRoom - This displays the redirect room.
34  #UserCmd WriteMessage -This command allows you to leave a message in the room.(#UserCmd WriteMessage joe i,ll catch you later )
35  #UserCmd ReadMessage - This command is for viewing any messages left with #UserCmd WriteMessage (#UserCmd ReadMessage joe_soap_123_12345)
36  #UserCmd ClearDelay - This command allows you to clear all users from the penalty list.
37  #AdminCmd PenaltyON - This command allows a short "banned" time penalty for users who do not stay long. (This will stop entering and exiting rapidly)
38  #AdminCmd PenaltyOFF - This command allows rapid entry and exit of the room. (Normal setting)
39  #Nickname  #Message - This is another little bit of fun and can be used to spoof another user.
41  #Private  #Message - This is for passing a private message to another room user.
42  #AdminMessage - This is for placing messages into the room that are only visible to admins.

Advanced RCMS Commands

Variables That RCMS Recognises
These are for use in your Room Entry messages or bot scripts

         %FILES%     - This displays the amount of Files an entering user has.
         %IP%                - This displays the IP address of an entering user.(xx.xx.xx.xx format)
         %LINE%            - This displays the Line Type of an entering user.(56k,Cable,DSL etc)
         %NAME%          - This displays the Name of a user entering but removes the last 5 digits.(joe_soap 123,not joe_soap123_48326)  
         %PORT%            - This displays the users TCP Port.
         %RAWNAME%  - This displays the full Name of a user entering/leaving including all digits.

This program was one that brought much entertainment for many users and should be remembered as a major landmark in the history of WinMX.

A massive thank you to Nushi at http://2sen.dip.jp

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