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The OurMX client was a project designed and undertaken by WMW staff and later others within the WinMX community to replace the WinMX client.
Over time the WinMX client was both becoming out of date functionaly and was a sitting target of exploitability due to its abandoned status (in 2005) by its developers WinMX technologies. Prior to any of the recent attacks a small scale project was set up to generate a basic client primarily building on exisitng community resources with the relevant supporting documentation as one of the key tasks to be built into the project, clearly new community developers would require information and assistance to be able to further offer their efforts and intellect in any such future endeavours and so over time both parts of the project where started and bore fruit.

One of the primary aims of the project is to create a fully open sourced community client and of course act as a focal area containing the tools and knowledge required to resurrect the networks fortunes, key to this would be the inclusion of many developers whom would thus be enabled to choose their OS & programming language to ensure the network is able to grow across many platforms and in many directions, this is of course a big plan but one we are very close to acheiving after many years of hard work.

Please select from one of the links below to access descriptive screenshots, internal operation information and where possible src code examples as well as helpful protocol documentation.

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