Ourmx Beta 3 Preview Update


As always I make the customary apology for all delays, regulars amongst you will already know the reasons for such delays but it's polite to make one when things are not always going to plan and this project has been rolling on for a long time now with sometimes 2 programmers and at one time none for a week or two, thankfully we have the regular crew members still working on this project for you all and we want to show off some of the newer features and some update news simce we last showed you our progress, so in no particular order lets see whats changed.

1) We have added a new category to the Ignored list, you can now mark the reason for ignoring someone, this is now shown in a newly added column with a drop down menu of pre set "reasons"

2) We have reworked some of the library code functions to improve efficiency however we still believe a small bit of further work will allow us to call that area completed so look for further news in the future regarding this area of the client.

3) We have upgraded the channelist window and restored the favourites function so folks can add the room they are in or select one from the list to join quickly, the backup channel list function is still in place and can be edited locally from a stored list but having a simple "favourites" button selection saves time. We have also added a menu to allow for further helpful functions within the main window.

4) Work on the opennap client section has been ongoing, this has been a larger than normal job to intergrate into ourmx and some hurdles have had to be crossed to make it play nicely with the existing codebase but we are moving along nicely and as with the library you can expect to see further news updates when we return to this area.

5) As will always be the case we have fixed many bugs and removed some redundant snippets and firmed up much of the internal code, currently we are in the middle of 3 specific upgrade targets, the startup wizard is being tweaked, the cache selection is being intergrated into the primary area of the client and the transfers view is being partially rewritten following up some feedback on what is most annoying to many users.

6) We have spent a large quantity of time "commenting" the src code base substantially and we will continue to do this as well as complete some pages of flowcharts that allow for those wishing to see how the client works to get a decent overview and a written explanation on a "per view" basis, this should in the future allow speedier bug fixes and feature update suggestions based on a working knowledge of whats under the hood.

To be continued across the next few days ...

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