Ourmx OpenNap Preview

This page will show the current progress on the OpenNap side of the OurMX client, this will be duplicating as much of the existing WinMX client functionality as possible and hopefully move us forward in terms of ensuring the remaining userbase can continue to hold firm while the main network is substantially reworked.

The first thing to do was create the actual view and for this we borrowed some of the library code as the tree structure is the same although we didnt need any columns as the opennap view as its called in the program is all done on a single text string, there was thoughts of cheating and going with a column based approach but we decided to stick with trying to emulate the original.

Not very exciting ..lol

Having got an inital view in the code we now needed to tie it into the main view selection system so folks could access it, this was not going to be plain sailing as in the original client the opennap button is one of 2 chld wndows inside the networks view , we played around with this for a while and it looked as though it would be cumbersome to replicate quickly so we decided that we would for now just add the view selection button to the main set thus saving time and if we got bored we could rework it later to match that of mx.  

We next added a "bar" area into the view to hold the view specific buttons and set it to sit above the treelist

Now we jigged it all into position..

Time to add some text to all of this as in the original

And we mustnt forget to change the status bar information at the bottom , this took a bit longer as we had to add code to fix the bar if you swapped between any other mx related window and the opennap view
At this stage we added some global variables so we could update the displayed staus values from anywhere in the program.


Work on the other dialogs is also coming along nicely, the "add server dlg" was added and wired into the button control so can be called up at will, the name setting has not yet been added but this is on the list (item 3) and should be done soon  

         Whilst in the same area we added the export (save) wsx mechanism

         .. and the import (load) wsx mechanism

We turned our attention to adding the colour control dialogs in to the settings dlg, not fun as all the existing items have to be manually edited to different numbers in the tree list, but we got there and added 3 items

At this stage a lot of the back code is not yet in place to handle some of the operations so using a bit of the old brain power and a lot of editing of old library code I got the treelist view operating by renaming the library dat file to opennapconfig.dat and saw that things where running as we wanted at least we are now in the ball park and will need to edit up both the loader and the old saving code .

The next item to go in has been the right-click menu, this is now in place but its not yet wired into the functions but very thats easy to do.

The work will now continue by adding more back end code to save and load the files in a more substancial way as well as add the missing name  string storing facility, theres lots to do but its all going ok so far. a modified secondary client set of code files (CPP/H) has been added to the build and will also be worked on to allow for the basic login packets to be acheived.

More progress info soon ..  : )

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