OurMx - Bandwidth Control Functions

The basic method most p2p clients use to control the bandwidth of a client is to create artificial limits to control the outgoing & incoming packet buffer sizes. This is a simple method to apply but requires some trail and error to gather data on what level of throughput should be allowed for a specific control setting, thankfully we can use the values foumd in the last official network client to save us doing any of the hard work ourselves, see below

The flow of this control is outlined below and applies to the primary network layer, increasing the "Allocated Bandwidth" control in the Settings window will in general force the client to add to the primary network allocated bandwidth and a fair approximation of the quantity of connected primaries allowed for each layer setting is worked out by allocating 1k per primary client, this generally matches the actual bandwidth shown in the incoming "bandwidth" window (eg: 5k incoming will likely see the client maintaining 5 primary connection.

The Bandwidth display is not symetrical however with two throttle control settings (Outgoing & Incoming) this has no relevance.

I propose that a default buffer value is set in the following style (Basebuffer+BUFF_IN & BaseBuffer+BUFF_OUT) and utilised while there is NO activation of the relevant Bandwidth throttle control and the default value (Basebuffer) replaced when the control is active with the value from the throttle control itself.

Using the values from the chart above we can assume that the Basebuffer value should allow for approximately 5k (5120) below the current total outgoing and incoming "Allocated Bandwidth" values so this suggests a value of around 11k (11260) total split into 4k (4096) Outgoing (BUFF_OUT) and 7k (7168) Incoming (BUFF_IN) for the fixed buffer values.
The totals have been rounded off to create a 16384 sized buffer in normal usage.

Please take note that these values apply without reference to any transfers taking place, transfers should offer a similar "offset value" strategy to allow for the throttle control to be utilised in some fashion during transfers.

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