How to set up a room with Ouka Chat Server 4.xx Versions

This Tutorial is for the older versions of the Ouka Chat Server, there is a newer series, 5.xx Versions which you can find instructions for here Ouka Chat Server Version 5.xx Instructions
First you will need to unzip the program. Extract all files to C:\Program Files\Ouka. The program is written in Japanese but don't panic it's soon fixed.

When you've unzipped it go to the folder and move the ChatServer.exe file into the English_txt folder. Now it will work in English. After you have moved the file, you can make a shortcut from the ChatServer.exe file to the desktop, by right clicking the ChatServer.exe and choosing Send to.. The Desktop (create shortcut).

1- This is where you write in the rooms name, and this is what will appear on the room/channel listing.
2- This is the loopback setting (best left alone ). Loopback range sometimes needs to be set for
3- Port setting. This is best left as it is.
4- This is the amount of guests you are allowing into the room , a sensible number is around 50
5- This is the name of the server as it appears inside the room/channel
6- Put your room topic in here. This is the one that shows up on the main room list, next to the room name. Try to make it interesting to attract more visitors.
7- This is the message that is shown as you enter the room , (it will still show the full message you type ,even though the box looks small)
8- This is the password to admin folk and must be entered in the room in the following way:
-usercmd inputpasscode XXXXXXXXXX (XXXXXXXXX = password obviously). Please remember to type it exactly as shown, spaces and all, or it will not work correctly.
9- This is for a co-host in the room . This is a higher setting then an admin and allows a few extra functions not available to the admin. If you use this function remember ppl with the passcode will have full control of the room. So leaving it blank might allow someone to enter blank spaces and become co-host.
(Best to leave this loaded with random characters if you don't plan on using it).
Start Button - This starts the server, and ticking the small "Room Is Visible" box allows the channel to be listed on the WPNS
Exit Button - This does as it says and closes the server completely

Ouka has been making updated versions quite regularly and in his latest versions there is an AutoUpdate.exe. This allows you to receive updates automatically.

You can check for updates manually by right clicking the small icon in your task panel, and choose Latest Version Check. You can also change Fonts, Show or Hide the room, and Exit from this.

For the first update, please don't be alarmed by seeing a notice similar to this one , its quiet normal.
Ticking the small box on most firewalls , ensures you wont see it again.

This is the command list for the Ouka Chat Server
Whilst this is as up to date as I can make it, there are a few commands not listed and new ones are always being added, so please forgive me if the command(s) you seek are not on the list. They are numbered to match the scroll bar of commands on Ouka's latest version 450b.

01  -UserCmd Redirect - This is a command for redirecting a user. (Used after setting 66 -UserCmd SetRedirectRoom )
02 --UserCmd RedirectTo - This command will redirect a user to channel not set in your command 66. So you can redirect to any channel.
 (-UserCmd Redirectto A Diferent Room Then Your Reg. Set One_329388299)
03 --AdminCmd AddAdmin - This command is for turning a normal user into an admin (-AdminCmd AddAdmin joe_soap_123_12345)
04 --AdminCmd RemoveAdmin - This command is for removing an admin.
  (-AdminCmd RemoveAdmin joe_soap_123_12345)
05 --UserCmd PrintChatStat - This command is for listing on screen all the chat statistics.
06 --UserCmd Printwriteranking - This command displays messages /hour time statistics.
07 --UserCmd Printrawwriteranking - This command displays message/stay time statistics.
08 --UserCmd Printimeranking - This command displays The time ranking of the guests.
09 --UserCmd Printromranking - This command displays the "Lurker" ranking of the guests.
10 --AdminCmd PrintIP - This command prints the IP of the specified user.
 (-AdminCmd PrintIP joe_soap_123_12345).
 (It is also possible to obtain extended information by setting the GetHostByAddr=1 in RCMSConf.txt.)
11 --AdminCmd EnableUserCmd - This allows the use of commands prefixed -UserCmd.
12 --AdminCmd DisableUserCmd - This disallows the use of any commands starting with -UserCmd.
13 --AdminCmd HideIDOn - This command hides the numbers after a users name.
14 --AdminCmd HideIDOff - This command allows you to see the numbers after a users name.
15 --AdminCmd HideIDHalfOn - This allows a partial number to be visible in the room.
16 --AdminCmd HideIDHalfOff - This disallows partial number to be visible in the room.
17 --UserCmd WelcomeMsgOn - This command allows the use of the welcome message.
18 --UserCmd WelcomeMsgOff - This command turns off the welcome message.
19 --UserCmd SetWelcomeMsg - This command is for setting the welcome message.
 (-UserCmd SetWelcomeMsg This is a test, hello host !!! )
20 --AdminCmd ShowNickChangeOn - This command is for showing any user name changes that occur.
21 --AdminCmd ShowNickChangeOff - This command allows for invisible user name changing.
22 --AdminCmd ResetChatStat - This Resets the chat room statistics
23 --AdminCmd ClearAdmin - This command removes all the admins.
24 --AdminCmd NoShareBlockOn - Setting this will result in no entry for 0 file sharers.
25 --AdminCmd NoShareBlockOff - This allows everyone to enter regardless of amount of files shared.
26 --AdminCmd AutoRomBlockOn - This is more commonly known as the "lurker block" on.
27 --AdminCmd AutoRomBlockOff - This turns off the "lurker block".
28 --AdminCmd SetromBlockTime - This is the time setting in minutes before the "lurker block" kicks guests from the room.
29 --AdminCmd TraderBlockOn - This command Blocks names with certain words or characters from entering the room.
 (Blocked word list is in RCMSConf.txt)
30 --AdminCmd TraderBlockOff - This disables 29 -AdminCmd TraderBlockOn (And is the normal setting for most rooms.)
31 --AdminCmd ArmsBlockOn - This command blocks multiple entering. For example loads of users being redirected from another room. (It is recommended to be ON.)
32 --AdminCmd ArmsBlockOff - This turns of the block on multiple entering.
33 --AdminCmd CrackerBlockOn - This command allows blocking of users, with an identical name of someone already in the room, entering.
34 --AdminCmd CrackerBlockOff - This command allows users with an identical name of someone already in the room to enter.
35 --AdminCmd PenaltyOn - This command allows a short "banned" time penalty for users who do not stay long. (This will stop entering and exiting rapidly)
36 --AdminCmd PenaltyOff - This command allows rapid entry and exit of the room. (Normal setting)
37 --AdminCmd RenameBlockOn - This command allows renames in the room. (Normal setting)
38 --AdminCmd FloodProtectOn - This sets the 5 lines flood protection on
39 --AdminCmd FloodProtectOff - This allows users to type more than 5 lines (ok for text pictures)
40 --AdminCmd RenameBlockOff - This disallows renames in the room
41 --AdminCmd HasleftBlockOn - This activates the block on using -hasleft command.
42 --AdminCmd HasleftBlockOff - This allows use of the -hasleft command.
43 --AdminCmd RnBlockOff - This allows use of the newline function -r/n/-.
44 --AdminCmd RnBlockOn - This blocks use of the newline function -r/n/-.
45 --AdminCmd HideCommandOn - This hides admin commands from users.
46 --AdminCmd HideCommandOff - Admin commands are now made visible.
47 --AdminCmd ReplaceTextOn - This allows the use of the text replacement option. (Text replacement can be set in the RCMSConf.txt).
48 --AdminCmd ReplaceTextOff - This command disables the text replacement option.
49 --UserCmd PrintVersion - This command prints the version of Ouka or RCMS in use .
50 --UserCmd Printuserstat - This command prints the statistics for the specified user.
51 --AdminCmd /Kickall - This command clears all non admined users from the room
52 --AdminCmd /Redirect - This redirects the specified user to the redirect location. (using 66 -UserCmd SetRedirectRoom)
53 --AdminCmd /Topic - This command sets the topic of the room as shown on the channel listing.
54 --AdminCmd /setmotd - This command sets the room entry message.
55 --AdminCmd /limit - This command sets the amount of users that can enter the room.
56 --AdminCmd /BanIP - This command allows you to ban a user by IP address.
  (-AdminCmd /BanIP
57 --AdminCmd /ListBans - This command displays the banned users list.
58 --UserCmd /ClearBans - This command is for clearing all names from the banned list.
59 --UserCmd ClearDelay - This command allows you to clear all users from the penalty list.
60 --AdminCmd Setvirtualuser - This allows you to set "virtual" users in the room ( 1- 600).
61 --AdminCmd LoadSetting - This is a command to reload the settings file RCMSConf.txt.
62 --AdminCmd PrintSockNum - This shows socket connection statistics. (Primaries etc)
63 --UserCmd Printadminlist - This command prints a list of people admined in the room.
64 --AdminCmd PrintPrimaryList - This shows a list of primaries currently connected to the server.
65 --UserCmd InputPassCode - This allows a user to become an admin after entering the passcode.
 (-UserCmd InputPassCode testword . This is set in the server settings window)
66 --UserCmd SetRedirectRoom - This option allows you to set the redirect room.
67 --UserCmd PrintRedirectRoom- This displays the redirect room.
68 --UserCmd WriteMessage -This command allows you to leave a message in the room.(-UserCmd WriteMessage joe i,ll catch you later )
69 --UserCmd ReadMessage - This command is for viewing any messages left with 68 -UserCmd WriteMessage (-UserCmd ReadMessage joe_soap_123_12345)
70 --hasleft - This is for pretending to leave the room without actually doing so, (-hasleft joe_soap 123_1234-0
71 --\r\n - - This is the newline command.
72 --Topic - This command is for changing the rooms topic on the listing.
73 --Motd - This command is for displaying the entry message.
74 --Colour - This shows the user the colour list with codes.
75 --UserCmd example - This is used to void any commands syntax after it. Any command typed in after this command will be void.
  (-usercmd example -colour)
76 --AdminCmd Ignore - Ignore removes the ability of the specified user to type in the room.
77 --AdminCmd RemoveIgnore - This allows an ignored user to type in the room.
78 --nickname -message - This is another little bit of fun and can be used to spoof another user.
  (-nickname invisible -message I,m not here, lol)
79 --NoName - This command allows a user to be <Anonymous> message here.
80 --Private -Message - This is for passing a private message to another room user.
81 --AdminMessage - This is for placing messages into the room that are only visible to admins.

There are other commands that will work in the Ouka room, however they are not listed on the scroll bar.
They are as follows:

--UserCmd /Kick - Allows you to kick a user.
--UserCmd /UnBan - Allows you to unban a user.
--AdminCmd /KickBan - Allows you to kick and ban a user.
--AdminCmd /Ban - Allows you to ban a user.
--AdminCmd /Setchannelname - This allows someone to set a new channel name.
--SetColour - This command allows a user to set the colour of their own text. (-SetColour -cx- hello in random colour.)
--AdminCmd /Hidden - This command allows you to hide a user from the user list in the room. This can be done by Host or CoHosts only.
(-AdminCmd /Hidden joe_soap_123_12345)
--AdminCmd /Show - This command allows you to show the user you have hidden. This command can be done by Host or CoHosts only.

The following commands allow users without RCMS installed and on 3.5x versions of WinMX to use commands.

-/Login - Admin themselves.
-/OpMsg - Send messages for admins to view only.
-/Kick - Kick a user.
-/KickBan - Kick/ban a user.
-/Ban - Ban a user.
-/UnBan - Unban a user.
-/ClearBans - Clear all bans.
-/ListBans - List all bans.
-/Motd - Get the motd to show up in the room.
-/SetMotd - Set the message of the day.
-/Colour - See the list of colours and the codes.
-/Server - Allows you to see the server information.
-/Help - Gets a list of help available from the RCMSConf.txt. Also can be change from that file.

Basically the new Ouka allows you to have two channels listed in the WPN listing, with seperate names and topics. Anyone entering either room will be in the original Ouka room as they are both on the same server.
--AdminCmd /Setchannelname2 - This allows you to set the second channel name from that runs from the same server.
--AdminCmd /Topic2 - This command is for a second Ouka room topic, from the same server.

These two commands are for use with MXChat/Nushi/Metis. They allow you to turn on or off the colour.

--ATSCmd MctOff - Colour Off
--ATSCmd MctOn - Colour On[/quote]

Ouka also has a nifty little way you can easily set some of your more common commands. You can access this by moving the mouse over the screen of your Ouka channel and right clicking. Choose Management Situation..(R).

*ID Numbers Hidden - Hides the numbers after a user name.
*ID Half Numbers Enabled - Allows the first half of the ID number to be seen.
*UserCmd Enabled - Enables user commands.
*Command Concealment Enabled - Hides admin commands from other users.
*Hasleft Block Disabled - Disables the -hasleft command.
*Newling Block Disabled - Blocks users from using the -\r\n- command for a new line.
*Name Change Notification Diab. - Hides name change in the room.
*Rename Block On - Disallows renam while in the channel.
*Suneo Block Enabled - Blocks users with certain ACSII characters from entering the room.
*Penalty Disabled - Disables the Pentaly for short stay.
*Leecher Block Disabled - Disables the 0 files share block.
*User Name Blocking Enabled - This allows you to let users clone users in the channel.
*MXArms Block Disabled - Disables the ARMS block and allows multiple users to enter quickly as in a redirect from another room.
*Illegal Client Block Enabled - This blocks Nushi poison.
*Text Replace On - Allows you to have replacement text. Set these in the RCMSConf.txt file.
*Automatic Lurker Block Disabled - This allows you to turn on the Lurker block. The time limit can be set from the scroll bar with command number 28.
*Welcome Message Disabled - This allows you to disable or enable a welcome message.

Redirect Channel:
Type in the full name of the channel you want to redirect to. This can be done on the scroll bar with command number 66.

Welcome Message:
Type in here what you would like to have set as your welcome message.
The pic in our example has it set to give a users IP and Port as they enter. this can also be changed in the RCMSConf.txt file.

Okay I hope this tutorial enhances your enjoyment of running a room on the Ouka Chat Server, I have enjoyed using it very much and its worth another mention here....
Thanks Ouka

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