Many of you have expressed the need for clarification of some points and I will do my best to provide it here.
Sorry for the delay in making it available, I have been informing selected people individually prior to this notice to try to keep certain information out of the public gaze as some requested.

Ok, lets kick off with some basic questions I have been asked.

What is the difference between open and closed source ?

Most programs you have on your computer are closed src, this means that you canot easily modify add or delete features as you do not have the basic code that the program was written in, in the case of open src you obtain both the finished file (the dll patch)and the code that was used to build it.

Why do you want to open src the patch ?

This question is one that has a few answers, I,ll go through the ones that are the most important in my mind.
First of all the current patch we are using was provided by KM and he has the legal right to ask for us to stop distributing it at any time, we dont feel its right any one person has this much leverage over the rest of the userbase.
Secondly, its been known for some time that the patch provided by KM has a lockout feature that blocks pie secondaries from connecting to dll patched primaries, this may have been implemented to help stabilise the network for dll users unfortunately it does not do the same for host file users, many have never heard of the dll, they see winmx as a "broken" network after it seems they cannot obtain a reasonable amount of primaries, for what to them is some unknown reason, many leave.
Thirdly, and this is very important for the networks future, Many of those who have been doing the hard work of keeping winmx rolling are either tired or disillusioned, some have left, we have a diminishing circle of knowledgable folks and more are likely to leave, with a haemorrage of talent like this occuring over the last few years there is a genuine fear there will not be enough technical knowledge left in circulation to provide solutions for future emergencies, by having code around that can be tailored to deal with changes the idea was to provide tools to the next generation.

How is this patch different internally to KM,s ?

The proposed new patch would not use the Primary TCP protocol as KM,s patch has done, it will merely rely on intercepting the incoming search results stream that arrives on UDP in primary and TCP in secondary and removing those originating from known network flooding IP's as taken from the blocklist.
The three protocols mentioned are not at all the same.

How does the blocklist work and will it still work in the proposed new patch ?

The blocklist will operate in the same blocking fashion as used currently to both block and filter connections, click here for info on how the system works.
Of course using the blocklist even without filtering will block the network flooders and so there is still no requirement to operate PGlite or PG2 (Peer Guardian).

Who is working on the o/s patch ?

The program as it exists at the moment has passed through two or three programmers hands thus far and those hands are representative of two sides supporters. This project can only be truly open src and free if those offering it are doing so with the express aim of allowing the community a well needed upgrade for some and peace of mind for others, many have worked hard to ensure stability of the status quo and an enjoyable experience for many users, I hope you agree with me that labelling the proposed patch as anything other than the "winmx community patch" will be counter productive and slow down the uptake on what should be for many something that will enhance their time on the network.
Please do not take offence or be worried in any way that those who have helped on the project are more concerned it will do the job for you all rather than getting credit for themselves, some have expressed concern they could face harassment or personal attacks from those opposing the creation of such a patch and for this reason unless they ask to be named I will respect their work as a gift to the community, these people have trust in me and I trust them.

What will the new proposed patch bring in the way of goodies ?

Some users have asked if anti-throttling or BendMx style features will be available in the patch, at this stage in its developement its not going to have any bells or whilstes, although if we have the right people take an interest its possible to add extra functions and features as KM was able to on some of his test builds

Who is going to decide when and how the proposed patch will be released if at all ?

In the event a consensus of technical folks agree to a potential release worthy offering (something that works as it should do) the  open src patch proposal will move forward to being presented to the core site group as we are the ones who will be offering it along with the other sites who have expressed an interest in the project and then finally after intensive testing by all those involved in the wider project its sugested an open vote will be called for to confirm that the users are interested in seeing this new project released, its in no ones interest or wish to do anything that may or will impact on present users of other patches, debate and discussion are I admit slow and monotonous but have proven to be beneficial in the long run and the community has always made it clear they want their voices heard and votes counted.

I hope this has been of help to some of you and helped you decide one way or the other on our future direction, a direction you can all steer by voting on aspects and topics that you believe merit concern, but most of all thank you all for taking the time to read this.

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