A Quick Overview On Showing How To Join A ChatRoom Using The Open-Nap Capability In WinMX

This is a part of the WinMX Client most users have overlooked, but its easy to connect to the chats, just follow the instructions and pictures below.

Connecting to Open-Nap Chats

To connect to Open-Nap for chatting you will need the address of an Open-Nap server that has the chat room support turned ON as not all Open-Nap servers use this feature.

On the normal MX screen make your way to the top left corner and click the Box marked Networks, this will bring you to the name changing/connecting page.

Now look on the top right and select the long box marked Open Nap Protocol Networks.

On this page you need to click on the Add box,

This will cause a dialog to appear where you can manually add the name of the Open-Nap server you wish to join, like so

Once you have entered the server information (and a new Open-Nap username if you wish) you will be able to locate the server, so lets close this dialogue.

Now you have returned to the Open-Nap Protocol page and can proceed to right click on the right side of the screen and then select Connect.

You will now hopefully see the server name change from yellow to green.

This will be displayed at the top of your WinMX to let you know what your Open-Nap status is at all times.

Now to the final stage, press the "Chat" button at the top of  WinMX and click on the button shown below to reveal a new drop-down menu option.

If you click on the name of the Open-Nap server instead of "WinMX Peer Network" you should now see the list of chatrooms suported on that particular Open-Nap server appear that you can join usually this is normally as many as the open nap server operator has allowed but with each server able to support their share and interlink it can be quite a few.

If you have troubles getting the opennap servers to connect for you make sure you go to Settings > OpenNap Networks > Default User Name and choose a name with out any ASCII art or strange characters in it.  Then close that box and retry the connections.

If you have problems or need further assistance with Open-Nap please feel free to visit the forum to post quesions here:
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