How To Set Up WinMX Chat Server (WCS)

Here is a guide on setting up and using the WCS v1.x Program.

You can get the latest version of the WCS Server from here, WCS Chat Server

When you get this file downloaded you just go through the installation, then start up the WCS program.  

As with any new program you will need to allow it access to the internet through your firewall as shown below.

It will then come up with a box called WCS Auto Update, looking to make sure there are no newer version, allowing you to only have to download the program one time.

Once the WCS Server has connected  to the WPN you will be able to find your room on the room list with WinMX or or any Chat Client you are using.  The room will have several default settings already set up for you such as the room name will be The Test Room_numbers.  

Now that the room is open and running you can open your config.ini file from the menu on the main screen.  Click on File and choose Open Config.ini in notepad as shown below.

A text document will open that has the following information on it:
//Your channel details     (all items prefixed by // are ignored by the program, as they are comments to help you )

ChannelName=Your Room Name Here
Topic=Your Room Topic Here
MOTD=Your Message of the day goes here

Limit=30                    ( The maximum amout of users you wish to allow 135 default )
Port=3                      ( The TCP port you wish to run the server on, 3 by default )
FakeUsers=0            ( Amount of "virtual" room users 0 is the default )

// The default access for new room users upon entry (see chart below)

// This one can do anything, and has an @  and also uses TextFormat1 instead of TextFormat

//This is a password you can use to get started by typing
/login ExamplePassword.  This will give you full access to any changes you want to make.
Note: This is set in all default config.ini files for WCS so you can imagine leaving it would allow anyone to login in with full access to your room. Change this right away

// blocked words list - Words you dont wish to be shown in the room ( swearing , etc)  
// ( To add to this list just add an extra Block=Your word here  )


// Join Flood Protection - change to 0 to disable this feature, recommended to be left at this setting


// Dialup Users set this to 1 ( This allows hosting on low bandwidth connections, and connects to less network primaries )


// Offline mode ( This when set to 1 will make your room not appear on a WinMX listing )


// Text Formats (for changing the format of messages)

TextFormat=#c2#<%s#c2#> #c1#%s
TextFormat1=#c8#<%s#c8#> #c1#%s

// Text replace - this replaces certain words in the text with.other words ( To add to this list just add an extra Replace=Old word=New word  )


// Name Trim - Useful to trim the ID Numbers off of names
// 9 = no ID numbers
// 6 = half ID
// 0 = full ID


You will also see the information below, we have rearranged certain parts of the config.ini file here to make it easier to understand.  This is a list of the codes needed for user access levels, allowing you to personalize what commands you allow for admins and users.

Access  Levels
  A       May use action text (/me or /action)
  a       May use normal text (can talk!)
  C       Allowed to use colour codes to colour in their text
  b       Is a bot (An alternative to /bot)
  S       Can see channel stats (/stats)
  s       Can see user stats (/stats <username>)
  I       Able to see the IP Address of other users
  W       Watchcmds type thing
          (can see commands others type - cant see /login for obvious reasons)
  T       Can change the topic (/topic)
  M       Able to change the MOTD (/setmotd)
  K       Able to /kick users (cant kick users with an @)
  k       Able to /kick users or admins
  e       Able to /exile users
  B       Able to /ban users (or use /banip to ban an IP address)
  U       Able to /unban users
  L       Able to use /listbans (To see who's banned)
  R       Can use /redirect to redirect the channel
  r       Can /reload the config file (only the host needs this)
  l       Can use /limit to change the channel's limit
  N       Can use #NEWLINE# for multi-line text
  n       Can use /notice to send public notices
  F       Can flood   (allows more spamming, for sending lots of lines of text at once)
  O       Can see text sent with the /opmsg command
  @       Show an @ in front of the name  (and make it so users with K cant kick them)
  +       Show a + in front of the name
  f       Can use /forcelogin to change users access
  *       Can use any commands (including /setaccess)

Now that you have personalized your settings in the config.ini file you can make the changes take effect with a command in the room.  A list of the commands and what they do are as shown below.

These are visible in the room when you type in /help:

/help - Gives you a list of help commands in the channel
/me or /action, /emote - This allows you to use the action text.
/login <password> - This allows you to login with your personalized access level and password.
/acess - This allows you to check your access level
/channelname - Lists the channel name.
/bot - Enables/Disables the bot function.
/opmsg <text> - Is an admin message, only admins of a selected level can view the message.
/message <user> <message> - Gives a private message in the channel only the specified user and the host can view.
/colour - Gives a list of the prefered colours you can use in the channel.  1-255 colour codes are availlable.

Some other commands that you can set if your access level includes the codes for them are:

/stats - Is the command for getting the Chat Stats for the channel.
/stats <username> - Gives you a specific users Chat Stats.
/topic - This command allows users with the correct access to change the Topic.
/setmotd - Sets the MOTD, or message of the day.
/kick - Allows you to kick users of lower levels.
/exile <user> <room name> - Lets you redirect one user.
/ban -  Bans a user, or use /banip to ban an IP address.
/unban - Unbans a user.
/listbans - Lists the bans already set in the room.
/redirect <room name> - Redirects the room to a specified channel.
/reload - This command reloads the config file after changes have been made.
/limit - Sets the channel's limit of users.
#NEWLINE# - This command is for multi-line text.
/notice - This command lets you send public notices.
/forcelogin - This command allows you to change a users access level.
/setaccess <user> <access code>  - This command allows you to change a users access level.

One of the reasons people like using the WCS Server is the large choices of colours available to play with.  As shown above the command to get the codes are /colour.  The command for random colour is #c?#.

When you close this program, you will see this fun message from KM the programs creator.  

You can also get a couple of programs that will help you configure your settings and admin access levels.  If you would like them you can get them from here:
WCS Editor
Password Generater

Thanks to WinMX Ulimited you can get these handy tools to help with setting up your WCS.

We hope this information makes it easier for you to use your new WCS Server, and enjoy hosting your room.

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