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UPDATE: This page is being left here for historical reasons the new client has been released as OurMX and was released on the 22nd of september 2013

See here for beta 2 progress

Welcome, all of us at WinmxWorld and in the wider community know how frustrating it is for many of the extremely patient community members to not know whats going on behind the scenes with the new client, so with that in mind this page has been created to help keep you all up to date and answer some of your questions.

This page will feature periodic updates to show you the progress of the ongoing WPN compatible client development and to demonstrate new features or functions when they are present.

Thank you all for your continued patience and faith in your fellow community members, together we are stronger than the sum of our individual parts, and the same goes for the client, enjoy!

The overall plan with the new client was to build the client into modular stages Sec, Pri, Chat, Chat server, Sec server, Transfers. Library, Search, Settings. Once those where completed the plan is to "fill in" anything else thats not covered by the main modules and link the client together via the settings and a main threading control routine. The good news is that currently we have many of the main modules in place and although some need some fine tuning and a few bug fixes they do actually work correctly following the WinMX model... so lets take a peek.

Chat Client Section progress:

Currently the chat section is operational in both primary and secondary modes and all of the common functions work as they should do, browse, whois, PM etc

Also added recently is the browse list download function

Some small parts left to do are related to the "commands" Menu, and these will be done when the majority of the larger modules are completed as they are not critical but time consuming all the same. Most of the items on the command menu work fine but as always the developers are working to make that 100% of them.
One of the small goodies that was asked for has been included here too, namely support for the "user typing" protocol, this has been seen in some third party clients and was fairly simple to add.

As well as adding new technical measures to prevent fake room listings and to defeat any future potential attackers of the network we have added in a backup chat list facility that pulls a list from a web address thus negating any stupidity with the chat lists, a simple tick box will power this feature up and make you quickly forget about those who seek to censor the community.

Chat Server Section progress:

This section is in fact operational also but also requires some of the above mentioned "commands" menu items to be interlinked and the server commands to be finalised and operational, a chat room will show in the chat list on the WPN and have a topic as we all expect it to and users can enter and perform many of the basic chat functions. We have added a settings dialogue to configure some of the basic items required to host a chat channel.
Further work is required and many updates to this part will be undertaken in time but the basic operation is in place, this is a medium priority item while there are usable third party chat servers out there that work.
[update}Further work has been undetaken and this area of the client is now being worked on to bring it to a reasonable state of operation, all of the commands are now in place but the level/user  logic needs completing to make this section finalised.

Primary Client progress:

This was the first (and most important) module to be added and is pretty much completed and operational, searches chat lists etc are fully functional and have had added protection code that means some of the most annoying attacks are now pointless as they have no effect, we dont say all are neutralised yet as that progress will come later on when the protocols are modified in a significant way but for now we have achieved a middle gound that allows us to use this new client on the old network until we have grown the userbase and matured the code to be fully protected, this is a planned strategy and no major protocol changes are yet in play, but that will change over a developement period when the clients are released to the general public.

Secondary Client progress:
This is one of the more recently added items and is progressing very well, most of the functions are completed but a few of the more obscure ones are being added as I write.

Secondary Server progress:
This section is nearly completed and will accept a secondary client and undertake many of the operations a primary based secondary server does for a secondary client. Progress is again happening all the time to finish this section. As you would expect much testing is being carried out to identify potential issues and area for improvement.

Library progress:

This section is operational and file data included in the library will be uploaded to a primary when in secondary mode and appear in browses etc.

Further improvements will be made when time allows such as file type filtering, improved file metadata displays and more colour items in the listings.

Search Window Progress:

The search window has been shown off before in the forum and there have been few if any changes made since that first public outing. The new search system is to have a single window where the search queries are specified and the results arrive in seperate windows, the single window keeps a list of all the search terms used and the search results status.

The results are displayed in the traditional style window and users can select the files they wish to download in the normal manner.

We have recently added the ability to ping selected files to ensure that the results your trying to download are valid ones.

A spoofed file listing will fail to return a valid ping and this will assist users to ensure files are held by real users.
There is some small amount of further work to do in this section to finalise it but it is currently operational and the developers will add updates as they have time to.

File Transfers progress:

This is the most recently worked on module , there are some parts left to do but the actual file transfers code is in the client for both up and down loading and the mechanism for displaying the transfers progress and colour status indicators work at this time.

As you can see some further work is required to slot in a progress bar in the custom tree-list view thats in usage here and we hope to get that done at some stage soon, as always work is proceeding each day to bring you the look and the features you know and love.

Settings progress:

This section contains many new settings that take into account the blocklist and cache arrangements the community has been using since 2006/2007.

The majority of the controls are fully operational but one or two are not in place as we had not finalised how some parts would operate at the time of creating the settings dialogues, however new additions are now simple to add so theres is plenty of scope for future developments or additions.
A smal update here to let you know that the default search settings window has now been completed and is in place

Setup Wizard:

A setup wizard has been added now to allow for the basic settings to be resolved at initial operation, prior to this we had the data stored manually in a settings file which made for some forgetful moments in between test builds.
The wizard is no different in general style to the one your all used to and will set the basic client up in the same way.

We will make some further external changes at some stage to deal with the changing face of the internet in 2013 as opposed to the one that existed back in 2001-2005 but we will try to make them in the same style and with the same simplicity.

Multiple Langauge Support:

This has involved a lot of typing but of course your all worth it, we now have around 80% of this work done perhaps more.


The hotlist is now in place and operational, when initiating PMs remote users are now also automatically added to the hotlist.

There are some small items that will be resolved after the next private alpha test and we hope by the time you folks see the client its 100% completed. Our community is global so it only makes sense we endeavour to ensure we can all use this newer client as well as we could the old one.

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