How to Use NACS Chat Server

Nacs is an acronym for Nushi Advanced Chat Server , and is basically a proof of concept model, showing some of the features that Nushi implemented such as bandwidth displays, a plugin interface, and a flexible interface, as well as being open source.

One of the major drawbacks to it is it is for the 3.31 protocol and therefore will not support colour commands and the fact that development stopped on 21 January 2005, that version is the one used here. It has not been completely finished and therefore is "not" to be regarded as a finished usable product.

You can get this version and earlier versions from our WinMX World Archive

As usual unzip the Nacs file to a folder of your choice. ( You will see a source code folder that can be used to build a modified version if your so inclined )

Upon running the Nacs.exe file you will be shown this screen here with tabs at the bottom left , those are the ones we need to go to to start the chat room and get it listed on the WPN.

The commands are shown in this picture

These commands are entered in the lower console screen (host screen):

hostchatroom        -  The format for this is Command, Port, Roomname  (ie:  Hostchatroom 6699 The Test Room ).
closechatroom      -  This is a single parameter command, and closes the room, the program will continue to be open still.
connectwpn           -  This allows the room to list on the WPN.
disconnectwpn      -  This command disconnects from the WPN.

These commands are entered normally in the chat window in the top half of the program screen.

/topic             -   Sets the room topic ( /topic Hi welcome to The Test room ).
/sayas            -   The command format for this is command , username, message (ie:  sayas joker boo ), similar to the old RCMS nickname command.

One of the interesting items in this server is the primary connection display, this shows the IP,s of those primaries you are connected to.

As you will notice many of the fine points of the server are not yet completed, We have conducted a few tests prior to writing this informaton here such as combining RCMS and Nacs together but have been unsuccessful in obtaining any operation,

Although, this sort of arrangement would suit the fact that Nacs has a very limited amount of native commands.

We hope this answers some of the common questions, any knowledge to add to the small amount here is always welcome.

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