WinMX Chat Tools - Mhamp - Winamp Plugin -  How To Use And Help Guide

This program is a chat room display tool that works in conjunction with WinAmp to display the audio files your listening to in a chat room.

You can obtain the latest version MHAmp (2.7) from the authors Phobos' Website.
Its a good idea to download this to the desktop so you can find it quickly and get it installed.

Lets get started in setting MhAmp up!

If you have the correct version this is what you should see

Simply click on the Icon and follow the prompts to install the file into your program files directory as shown here,

you may have to type the name of the folder yourself (Mhamp) and after that the install is fully automatic.

Using the Mhamp Plugin

To use this plugin you must have WinAmp ver 5 and WinMX running, and then you can start it from the "Start" menu and select it from the list of Programs.
Once started you will see a splash screen from Phobos and an Icon will appear in your system tray (next to the clock).

By right clicking on the Icon shown above you will be greeted with a menu for you to select the channel you wish the text to appear in and some other options, as shown here.

Lets go through the options that are available on the menu.

About - Selecting this brings up a window with some information about Phobos and the plugin.

Add/ Select channels - This will bring up a selection box that will show the chat channels you are in already.
You can select which room you wish to use this plugin in to display your listening habits.

Update - Selecting this will open the same web page as got the program from, to allow you to check for updates.

Quit - This will close the program.

Once you have ticked a channel on the list you will now be allowed to use more of the options in the menu.

This message will appear in the chatroom.

Lets go through the new options that are now on the menu.

Auto Display Song - This is the normally selected option for most users.

Display Song - This displays the current song only it will not show any changes in the chatroom if you change song tracks.

Display Uptime - Selecting this displays the time that your machine has been up and running, some people have competitions with this feature.


Set Away - This will bring up a box for you to enter a custom message that will show when you click "OK", like so.

When you return from being away, clicking the same option will make another message in the room that says "Back" instead of "Away"

Announce Plugin - This displays a short message about the Plugin in the chatroom.

I hope this has been of help to you, please feel free to ask any further questions on the forum.

The programmer of this tool is called Phobos and he can be found in the room of the same name as the tool (METAL HEADS_)
The official website is found here

Cheers Phobos.

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