How to Set Up LeecHammer

Leechammer is a program to help you control your uploads and is designed to keep users not sharing files from being able to download your files.  This is a great program for this, it also has a feature that allows you to detect the 0 of 0 Available hack that MX Monitor cant catch.

To get the LeecHammer version that works with WinMX v 3.53 go to LeechHammer Full Version

Note:  For existing users wanting to upgrade only go here: LeecHammer Upgrade Only

Now that you have the file just unzip it to a folder of your choice and click on the set up file.  This will begin the set up wizard for you.  Many of the settings will be decided on the next pages of this set up.

This is the page that allows you to decide your Share Settings.  Here you can choose how many files you want set for a user to have, if they have less then the number you specify they will get either Hammered aka: Ignored, or you can set a separate number that they must have or they will get Canceled.

This page allows you to set what you want your limit to be for someone to queue for your files.  This is the maximum number that they can get in line for without being Hammered.

This is where you can set LeecHammer to detect a suspicious user.  As mentioned earlier one of the unique features of LeecHammer is that you can get rid of users that are taking advantage of a Hack called 0 of 0 Available.  
This Hack allows a user to have files shared, which get by most upload managers but show on a Whois as having 0 of 0 slots available for queue.  This allows them to share files but not upload to anyone.  This feature of LeecHammer allows you to detect and Hammer such selfish folks.

Now that your done with the set up your ready to get started using LeecHammer.
This screen is the one you will see when you start the program up, from here there are many settings that can be adjusted and you can monitor what the program is doing also.  
From this screen you can choose to Auto Check for Leeches, this will let the program check for leeches in your uploads, it will look for leeches every 30 seconds by default, this can be changed higher or lower when you click on it.  You can choose to Check Now for leeches also.  
The Fix Focus button is used when LeecHammer has moved to another screen on WinMX, clicking this button will bring it back to where you were.  
The MX button will start WinMX for you.  
The Help button will allow you to connect to the LeecHammer site for even more information.  They have lots of great info and tips on their site so have a look at this when you have a minute.
Click on the "More Info" button to see more tabs.

The Activities tab gives you a place to watch what activity has been happening.  The top log is for connections that have been made at a glance, the lower section is for Leeches that have been terminated and the information as to why.  The W button will give you a Whois, the B will give you a Browse.  The Hammer Picture will Hammer a user for you, and the Red X will delete a user for you. Just highlight the user and click the button of choice.

The Settings Tab has many options for personalizing the way your LeecHammer will work.  First is the Share Settings, as discussed in the setup, here you can change the numbers.  The difference here is the option to set a number of times a user gets hammered for not enough files before they get Hammered.

The Queue options will allow you to not only change the numbers of files you will allow a user to que for but, here you may also set it to Hammer for the number of files they que for and also set a limit for the amount of times canceled and the time limit.  This setting allows you complete control over how your ques will be managed.

Along with the Queue options above you may also set up for Generous Users to receive special allocations in your que.  This is a nice feature to have to reward folks that are sharing alot of files.

The Suspicious User setting as discussed in the setup is for users with files shared that don't have any uploads going.  You can either set it to detect 0 of 0 available or set it to detect how long a user with a certain number of files has been online with 0 uploads going.  Remember that its not impossible for a legitimate user to have no uploads for one reason or another, so best to leave the 0 of 0 available ticked.

The Slots option allows you to decide if you can open more slots for uploads according to what your bandwidth is for a certain amount of time.  Lets say your downloading a large file, that will use alot of your bandwidth, however when that file finishes you may have more bandwidth available to give to other users for uploads from you.  If your bandwidth stays higher for 2 minutes then LeecHammer will add open upload slots for you.  

The Whois option allows you to decide if you want the information gathered by LeecHammer to be saved and for how long to view later or if you want it to get newer info sooner.  Also you can decide if you want to Cancel a user when you don't get the Whois information within a certain time frame.

The Sounds option will allow you to change the sounds you hear that alert you of events such as users being Canceled or Hammered.  You can brows your computer for new ones or use the default ones.  You can also Mute the sounds from the top of the LeecHammer options box.

Here are some Miscellaneous settings you can also customize your LeecHammer with, such as how you want the window to minimize, Auto Start options to allow you to start your WinMX when you start your LeecHammer, and let LeecHammer begin checking users as soon as you start it up.

The Stats tab allows you to view different information about the users that have tried to get your files.  
The Files Shared options you can view how many files shared by most users.
The Connection option allows you to view the types of connections and how many users had them.
The Slots Shared is for letting you see the amounts of users with the slots they had.
This information is interesting and also will help you decide if your settings are working like you want them to.

That gives you the information you need to use the LeecHammer Program to the fullest of it's ability, hope you ejnoy.

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