How To Use Some of The Large Text Makers and Colour Toys

Here is some basic information on how to use some of the goodies to play with in your favorite chat rooms.  Keep in mind that the tools discussed here are for Colour supported rooms such as Ouka Chat Server, WCS Chat Server and FX Server.  Although WinMX 3.5x lets you use the colour codes in these rooms you CAN NOT host a colour room with WinMX.  The ones we are covering here are:

KM's Large Colour Large Text Maker
Jason's Colour Large Text Maker
Micheal's ACSII Coloured Art Pics

KM's Colour Large Text Maker

Once you have this program its simple to use.  Just save it to a folder and click on it to install it to your Program files or a folder of your choice.  
When you open it for use you will see the Main box come up with a list of the channels you are presently in, and list of options of what type of text
you would like to use, and a place to type in your message.

The above image shows you an example of the Normal text, you can choose this to make your message in a WinMX 3.5x room that may not support the colour options.  You just choose the room you want your message to be displayed in and type in the message you want to send, then click the "Say it Large" button.

This is the Action text option, as you can see this one can also be used in a WinMX 3.5x room.

Unlike the original Large Text Maker by KM, this version has the ability to utilize colour for rooms run on servers that support the colour function.  When you choose this option you will see additonal choices for the Style of colour you would like to use, they all vary so just have some fun.

ASCII Art Picture Maker

This program is great fun and is based on KM's Large Text Maker only it allows you to display pictures in a room.  There are colour pictures and plain black and white that you can choose at the click of a mouse.  After you have downloaded this one and unzipped it to a folder of your choice, you open it and double click on the icon shown below.

Once you open the program you will see the Main screen as below, its simple to use.  Just click on the room you want the ASCII art to show up in and pick a picture to send.

Then click the Send button for beautiful and funny art that can liven up a colour room.  Its a good idea to ask permission of the host or admins before you use this as some of these pictures are quite large and many rooms will kick you automatically with protective 'OverFlow Buffers' enabled.  

Thats it, your all set to have some fun with the pictures.

Jason's Colour Large Text Maker

Jason's CLTM is based also on KM's work, and its highly versital to the different codes that Chat Servers require for coloured text, so its a great way to be able to use it in all the rooms you visit.  Again, once you download it just unzip it to a folder of your choice.  Open the folder named CLTM 1.[1.3], then Double click on the CLTM icon in that folder.  
When you do, you will get a box like the one below, simply hover your mouse over the text entry bar of the room you want the Coloured Large Text to appear in.

You will then see a small box with a few options, Coloured Text, RCMS Text (Action Text), a button to allow you to change the target room, and a box to type in the text you want to appear and of course the send feature.

This CLTM comes with a default 'text.ini' file in place to use, however as mentioned above there are different colour codes for different types of Chat Servers.  Its easy to change your Text.ini file to be compatible with any room.  Simply open the folder called 'config files', this folder contains different Text.ini files labled for the Server of your choice, if your unsure its best to ask the host or admins of the room what the room is running on.

You just right click the file you need to use, choose 'Rename', name the file text.ini and right click choose 'cut' then 'paste' it into the CLTM 1.[1.3] folder, then take the existing text.ini file and rename it to 'default text.ini'.  then go to the CLTM icon again and start it up, its that simple.

Once you have the right text.ini file and you have decided what room to send to.. just type in your message and hit the send button.

Big thanks go to QuickSilver for getting the pictures for us on this one.  These are really simple to use and great fun to add some spice to the rooms you visit, as we mentioned with any add-ons, its a good idea to ask permission of the host or admins before using these. Have Fun and Enjoy.

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