Getting Reconnected Using 98/ME Hosts File

Windows 98/ME Users. Please be aware that theWS2_32.dll does not seem to function on these operating systems yet. KM is working on resolving this issue.

For 98/ME users please use the hosts files to get reconnected to WinMX.  This is a self installing file.  You can download it from here:
WinMX World Hosts 98/ME

This Self Installing and updated Hosts file includes all Peer Cache servers for faster connection times.
Again, this is a self installing file, simply double click and allow to install.

Once you have finished the installation then restart WinMX, remember that the hosts files are not as speedy or efficient as the WS2_32.dll, so be patient.

It will not overwrite your existing Hosts file, it will create a backup copy and replace it if you decide to uninstall later.

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