Getting WinMX

WinMX is a Free program, NEVER pay for it. Unfortunately if you search some major search engines to try and find it you will often find scam websites that try to sell you WinMX!

Click here to go to the Modified WinMX Group Patch page then download the installer plus Patch.
Normally we wouldn't recommend using Beta versions, but WinMX 3.54 Beta is stable, and has a few major bug fixes that aren't in WinMX 3.53. It is advised that you upgrade to 3.54 beta which you can get from Modified WinMX Group Patch page.  If you are using 3.53 or 3.31 and would prefer to stay with those version an installer exists that contains both with Patch.  You can get those from the Modified WinMX Group Patch page as well.  Look for Install for Multi-versions Patched.

WinMX is a Great p2p network for several reasons. The networks is built on a Decentralized network, this means its made up of all of its users instead of on a single server somewhere.  Makes for a strong network that is always there.  
It doesn't contain the spyware or adaware associated with other p2p networks, there is always the occasional chance of getting a file that contains something more than you bargained for.  As we always advice, everyone should scan all of their files they receive with their antivirus software.
Another reason we love WinMX is its not just a place to get files, its a community of people.  The Chat rooms can be a wonderful place to meet poeple, get help with all sorts of needs (computer and otherwise), and get files from a source you can trust.

So, we hope you enjoy and love using WinMX as much as we have, and hope you will keep your eye on the WinMX World for all your WinMX needs.

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