OurMx Community Protocol

As many of you know the current network protocol we use is modelled on the WPN Protocol (WPNP) and the client that utilises it is called WinMX.

As the WinMX client is no longer being updated or maintained it is up to us to recreate a similar Network Protocol that we can use in an open source Network and any new clients.
This is necessary as various attacks have been undertaken exploiting unforseen flaws in the original protocol and so whilst its a great protocol and very reliable in its operation we cannot simply utilise it as-is without serious changes to its operations that would render nearly all existing clients redundant and this is also the reason the primary networking protocol has never been published, its not wise to build on sand I hope you all agree.

Lets Look at what we already have and look at what we need to do to move ahead without affecting the existing network

The WPN Model
The WPN is made up of a simple two tier system, the lower speed nodes/users are called Secondaries and more powerful connections that are able to carry the network traffic for the Secondaries are called Primaries. The client allows for manual selection of either mode (Primary/Secondary) however Primary operation will not be allowed if the User has indicated they are on a connection that is not at least "Cable" in the selection list.

Here is a picture that demonstrates the basic system visually.

From the basic idea you can expand the network to a much larger size but the rules are much the same whatever the size.

The two tier mechanism allows for the bulk of the traffic to be passed across the network on the shoulders of those nodes that can best carry it leaving those on poor connections to simply stay connected to a single primary but retain access to the whole network via its other connections.

Both tiers of the network have their own seperate protocols and use differing network layers to operate.

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