Chat via your web browser

Have you ever been somewhere besides home or on another computer and wanted to get to the chat rooms on Winmx?

Well here is a way to do that using your Web Browser...

2sen Website

Here is a way for you to access WinMX Chat rooms with your web browser through the 2sn site....

There you will see a button towards the center of the screen called WEB WinMX Chat. Click on that you will get the option to download a program that will translate the japanese text.. its not necessary to have this so i just canceled it.

The right side of the screen will then turn black and it usually takes a bit to load but and has timed out on me once or twice.. if it does time out just refresh the page. You will then get a list of the rooms which are opposite of what they are on winmx.. the odd named ones are on the top here so scroll down to the alphabetical order and choose the room you want to enter.

Again this page takes time to load as well but a refresh will fix it if need be. A box will come up here also asking for a user name and again you'll have to put the spaces in... then just click ok, and there you go.

So if you ever want to get in to the rooms from a remote area just go head to one of these sites..

*note that this only works on Internet Explorer running on Windows. Mac/Unix users or Windows users on Firefox or other browsers cant use this web chat.

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