Heres a way to add sounds to your BendMX

If you wish to add extra sounds to BendMX its fairly simple.

The files are usually in .WAV format and are stored in the folder Program Files - WinMX - Add-Ons - SoundFX, its best to add your new sound files to this location.

To use the new sounds right click on the main chatroom window and select MXsound -configuration (hidden at the botton of the list) - configure/sound.

This will bring up the "Configurator" program, and using this you can import your new sounds and assign them to any words of your choice (Using the New icon), obviously if you hate a particular event /sound this is the place to put in something more to your taste.

Easy and if you need to find some good sounds just do a search on WinMX for *.wav files.

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