How to use the Amp2MX Plugin with your WinAmp Player

This small tutorial shows how to use the Amp2Mx plugin for displaying your currently playing music in a chat room.

This and many other plugins rely on WinAmp being installed, and will not work on window media player, if you dont have WinAmp you can
get a copy of it here WinAmp Free Player

You can get the plugin here Amp2Mx Plugin

Once you have downloaded the plugin , click on the icon.

This will then make a small icon appear in the sytray (next to the time clock).

All you need to do now is right click on the sytray icon and select Add Room.

This will make a box appear like this one below.

Ok, this is the important bit, click on the blue section of the box and drag it to the area
where you enter your text in the chatroom, (bottom left corner of winmx screen).
Then press the ok button and you should see this appear

This shows that your ready to display any of the availabe options from the menu.  The options are listed below with a brief discription of what they do.

+  Away  -  This announcement is customisable for when you wish to go "away from keyboard"   (AFK)
+  Uptime -  This displays the time that the computer has been on from boot up
+  Ram Stats -  This displays the free system ram , as well as a few other ram statistics
+  Processor Stats -  This should display your processor type
+  Windows Version -  This should display your Windows version

Customising the "Away" menu is as simple as just entering your message.

For diplaying a single song playing on winamp choose "Display Song"
If you want to be continuously displaying your selected songs choose "Automatic Display"

When you wish to switch Amp2mx off , select "Close" from the menu.

This was made by the folks at The Source Code (TSC), Hope you enjoy this little Fun Chat Tool.

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