How to Block the RIAA From Connecting To Your WinMX Primary Using Sygate

Some users have found it difficult to use some of the other methods in blocking the RIAA from the WinMX Networks for various reasons.  Without going into those too much, we should say that this method is harder to update and there fore only recommended for users that cant use Peerguardian 2, Proto-wall, Sherwood, or the Dll patch.

The list that needs to be added is in the format that Peerguardian uses to read, for this reason it will need to be changed into a format that your Sygate Firewall can read.  This is easy to do and the instructions are all here for you below.

First step is to visit here:

BlueTack Online List Converter

When this opens in your browser you will see the following screen and options.
On the options tab set :

Source Format: PeerGuardian plain text  
Output Format: Sygate Advanced Rules  
Save settings on exit?: Yes  
Output Sorting: By IP Address
List Cleaning: Merge adjacent ranges  
Include only deny filters in output?: Yes

On the Source list tab
List to use: 0. User list (pasted or loaded from URL)
In the URL box enter:

Then hit the Open button to right of URL box, this will load the Block List.

Now hit the Convert button in the bottom row. Which converts the list & takes you to the output tab:

Copy the entire long string of IP ranges to the clipboard.

Right click the Sygate icon in system tray & pick Advanced rules.

On The Advanced rules screen that comes up click Add:

In the Advanced Rule Settings Dialogue that comes up enter a name for the rule:

Now change to the Hosts tab & select the 3rd item IP Addresses, Paste in that long string of IP ranges from earlier.

On the Applications Tab Find WinMX Application & tick the box

Now Click OK on The Advanced Rule Settings Dialogue, your new Rule should be listed in advanced rules..

Finally click OK on that Screen & you're done!

Many thanks go to Bearded Blunder for this great tutorial, and his time spent getting it written up so that everyone can help to protect the networks.

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