WinMX Community Patch and RCMS

Although most users have had flawless performance from the new WinMX Community Patch, a few users of RCMS were able to find a minor bug.

This bug displayed itself by having multiple users with the same name in the user list of rooms you are in.  When someone would leave the room, and later re-enter the list would not be updated with the new names but show all names.

Because the fix involves disabling a bit of code that is for the protection of WinMX users and a known bug with WinMX, EaglE has decided that it would be best if this version of the WinMX Community Patch was offered separately to only those that use RCMS and have the above described problem.

Here is the download for this version of the WinMX Community Patch:
WinMX Community Patch for RCMS

If you're a RCMS user, this patch does not have an installer and will require you manually install it.

First make sure that you have run the installer from here:
WinMX & Patch Upgrade Downloads
Choose the Installer for your current WinMX Version, download and run this.
Once WinMX reopens with the new patch, simply close it completely.
Now go find your '' file and extract the contents into your 'Program Files\WinMX' folder.

At this time you will see a message asking if you would like to overwrite the existing OLEDLG.DLL file.  Say 'Yes'.  And then restart WinMX.

That's it, you're ready to start using WinMX again fully protected.

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