Omega's WinMX Chat Server Tips (WCS)


If you are behind a router or modem this applies to you!!!
If you need help forwarding ports then visit and find your router. Once you have found your router you will want to look for "Default Guide". The default guide gives you a basic rundown of how to forward ports.
*Note* - You will only need to forward one port for TCP Protocol, No UDP needed.
Once you have the ports forwarded you can now start to configure your room. The configuration may or may-not look like this:

?=What you have and what you can change.

// channel details



// Each password gets a list of the commands it can use, the following letters are used in it...

[pre]Access  Levels
  A       May use action text (/me or /action)
  a       May use normal text (can talk!)
  C       Allowed to use colour codes to colour in their text
  m      can sent private messages using the /message command
  b       Is a bot (An alternative to /bot)
  S       Can see channel stats (/stats)
  s       Can see user stats (/stats <username>)
  I       Able to see the IP Address of other users
  W       Watchcmds type thing
          (can see commands others type - cant see /login for obvious reasons)
  T       Can change the topic (/topic)
  M       Able to change the MOTD (/setmotd)
  K       Able to /kick users (cant kick users with an @)
  k       Able to /kick users or admins
  e       Able to /exile users
  B       Able to /ban users (or use /banip to ban an IP address)
  U       Able to /unban users
  L       Able to use /listbans (To see who's banned)
  R       Can use /redirect to redirect the channel
  r       Can /reload the config file (only the host needs this)
  l       Can use /limit to change the channel's limit
  N       Can use #NEWLINE# for multi-line text
  n       Can use /notice to send public notices
  F       Can flood   (allows more spamming, for sending lots of lines of text at once)
  O       Can see text sent with the /opmsg command
  @       Show an @ in front of the name  (and make it so users with K cant kick them)
  +       Show a + in front of the name
  f       Can use /forcelogin to change users access
  *       Can use any commands (including /setaccess)

// the default access to give (what a normal user can do)
DefaultAccess=(Access Level)

// These 2 passwords below are in the form
// Password=Access=ThePass
// change ThePass to the passwords you want to use :-D

// this one can do anything, and has an @ - and also uses TextFormat1 instead of TextFormat

Password=(Access Level)(TextFormat)=?

// this is an example of a typical admin, able to kick, see stats, flood, etc
// this one has a + instead of an @ just to show its use, but most people prefer
// to give admins an @ instead - so change it to fit :-D

Password=(Access Level)(TextFormat)=?

// blocked words list - people cant say these things :-D

// Join Flood Protection - change to 0 to disable this feature, recommended for testing only :-D

// Dialup Users set this to 1 (its not recommended to host long term on dialup, but useful for temp hosts)

// Offline mode (for private rooms)

// show a fancy entry message for Admins (makes the IP Address a different colour)

// Text Formats (for changing the format of messages)

// Text replace - replaces certain words in the text with... other words

// Name Trim - to trim the ID Numbers off of names// 9 = no ID numbers// 6 = half ID// 0 = full ID

//A new option to the config file AllowMulti= to let you set how many connections
//WCS will allow from the same IP Address at once. (Default is 3)

You can change anything that has the '?', (Access Level), and (TextFormat). Use the letters shown under "Access Level What it does".
Your Channelname can be anything you want. Same with the Topic and MOTD. MOTD is the Message Of The Day. This can be changed everyday or never, whatever you choose. The channelname however should stay the same as to not confuse visitors or members.

How to get MOTD Pics
For a WCS room the pics can be in color or not. You MUST use the #NEWLINE# command to to this.

#NEWLINE##NEWLINE##c8# |^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^| \\____#NEWLINE##c8# |__ #c?#The WinMX Arcade#c8#___ | ||''|"`,___.#NEWLINE##c8# |___..._...________ ===== |=||_|_|...,]#NEWLINE##c21# "**#c7#(@)#c21#'#c7#(@)#c21#***"""***|#c7#(@)#c21#**#c7#(@)#c21#*****#c7#(@)#c21#*#NEWLINE##NEWLINE#

*Note* - The code has to be on one line!
To get more pics go here: Chris ASCII Art

The Access Levels
The access level is what the users are allowed to do. It is not recommended to give visitors administrator access. If you do this then they will be able kick people (including admins and hosts) and many other things that can disrupt the room.
Administrators are allowed to flood a little more then visitors and if you are a room that deals with constant spamming then just give the visitors this access - AaCm - that is the default. Make sure you have the letters correct. They should look exactly like the ones listed in the list.
Right after the access level you will want to put the TextFormat number you want the levels to have. Ex: AaCm1 will have TextFormat1. You will be able to change the number of TextFormats you have, but we haven't got to that yet.

The Block Words
The block words are what you don't want people to say in their room. These can be anywhere from swear words to letters to phrases.
Ex: Block=candy

The JoinFlood
The JoinFlood is recommended to be ON at all times. If you are testing then you can switch it off.

Hosting with Dial-Up
If your internet connection is Dial-Up then switch to Dial-Up mode by setting the value to 1.

Fancy Entry
FancyEntry, is for admins and hosts. This displays the colored or non-colored IP address of the user. The color for it is a salmon color. If you switch this off then the IP address will come up green.

Text Formats
Now the fun part,  TextFormats. These can have anything you want such as this:

<�))))><.���`�. %s �.���`�.�><((((�> %s and this will display as


You can also out in color codes such as:
#c1#<�))))><.���`�. #c6#%s #c1#�.���`�.�><((((�>#c6# %s and that will show as

Whatever you want the TextFormat to be that is what you put. Make sure you place %s for the name and the text.
For more TextFormats you can try out a program made by Josh called WCS-Text-Format-Editor
*Note* - Josh's program needs .NET Framework 2.0. You can get it Here

Text Replace
Text replace allows you to replace any word in the room with another word. Such as - Fruit turns to Apple. You can choose to replace the text or block it.
Ex: Replace=candy=bonbon
Every time someone types 'candy' the room will change it automatically to 'bonbon'.

Name Trim
Name Trim allows you to display the numbers after the name. Such as Omega235_77777 can be trimmed to be Omega235 or Omega. Some people don't like to display numbers after their name and some do.
// Name Trim - to trim the ID Numbers off of names
// 9 = no ID numbers
// 6 = half ID
// 0 = full ID
NameTrim=9          The names will come up like this: Omega

AllowMulti is a brand new feature that doesn�t show up in the config. What it does is it lets you connect more then the regular 3 IPs so you can have more bots and stuff.  You can manually put it in by inserting:
Insert the number of IPs you want for the ?
Way to go KM for thinking of this. I know I will be using it.

If you have anymore questions please stop by my forum and go to the Chat Servers section and post your question and I will try and answer it to the best of my abilities.

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