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Hi my name is Andy or 'MrScruff' depends what day it is. Ok, so you have found my Metis help page and you've got your Metis and you think its going to be easy peasy, well in many ways you would be right but as with all programming there are hitches that can easily be avoided if you follow these simple steps:

1. Write Your Script.
2. Check It For Errors. (More bout looking for errors shortly)
3. Test Your Script.

And you shouldn't have a problem.

Your First Script

Ok, here i will explain all the basics of a Metis script.

1st things 1st, you need to know what type of command you need, a command tells Metis what to do whether to read opmsg(admin chat) or to read the room. There are others but these are the 2 i will teach you how to use them in this session.

ok we shall tell Metis to read the room to start with so you need a

<command> ok so if you haven't noticed that a command starts and ends with the triangular brackets < >.

Now Metis needs to know what to react or trigger on so we need a

<in> ok say we want Metis to trigger on 'Hello' ok so this is what you put.

<in>Hello ok now you need to close the <in> with </in> so it looks like.

<in>Hello</in> Now the <in> is closed.

Ok now we need to tell Metis what to say when someone in your chat room says "Hello"
Alright I'll make the decision for you.
Metis will say Hiya %NAME% the '%NAME%' is the variable Metis uses to get the persons name who said "Hello" ok so this is what we need to add

<out> this is similar to the <in> but this is what tells Metis what to say ok so Hiya %NAME%

<out>Hiya %NAME% and we need to close the in too same principle as the <in> just put a / after the first bracket

<out>Hiya %NAME%</out>

ok now you should have a piece of code that looks like this

<out>Hiya %NAME%</out>

Now all we need to do is close the command with </command> simple so you should have a piece of code that looks like

<out>Hiya %NAME%</out>

Ok now if you want Metis to trigger on Opmsg all you do is change the <command> to <OnOpMessage> and the </command> to </OnOpMessage> so something that looks like this

<out>Hiya %NAME%</out>

Ok that's it you have your first 2 pieces of script congratulations.

Contact Details

If you have any problems or queries about Metis email me at

Andy aka MrScuff

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