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There is a large Japanese User base on the WinMX network and we would like to ask anyone who speaks both Japanese and English and would be willing to do some translations to please visit here.

OurMx Client Update Progress

Keep up to date with the latest updates to the OurMx Client - Regular progress updates can be viewed here:

Mato - New Chat Client

Sean over at the Rebelion has released his new Chat Client. A lot of work and thought has gone into this chat client. Check it out at The Rebelion.

New Client Beta Release

The development team have released a beta copy of the new client and are asking for feedback and more essentially bug reports so they can improve the client and the user experience.
Click here to see the announcement
The team previously put together some screen shots and some text outlining the functioning of the client during its constuction which you can still see here.

Malicious Traffic on the Network

Please read here for situation report and updates.
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Click Here for forum topic

WinMX World News Section

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WinMX Community Patch Available!!!

Eagle's "WinMX Community Patch" the most trusted and popular WinMX reconnection solution.
Get it here for free: Download WinMX/Patch

This patch is supported by MXPie and WinMXWorld and has many new features.
uPnP forwarding, new filtering methods and much more.
For more information visit: More Information

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Please visit either of these rooms for help with the WinMX Community Patch

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